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Fastest Time To Climb Mount Snowdon While Carrying A 65-Pound Backpack


Paddy Doyle climbed Mount Snowdon through Llanberis Path in four hours, 54 minutes and 28 seconds while carrying a 65-pound backpack. He was accompanied by West Midlands Fire Service Cadets. Read more about Doyle here.

Fastest Time To Climb Up A Door Frame

00:17 United States

Mack Moore climbed up a standard sized door frame in 1.01 seconds. NOTE: Please use caution if you attempt this record and have adult supervision on hand.

Most Times To Climb A Five-Meter Rope In One Minute

01:23 United States

Marcus Bondi climbed a five-meter rope five times in 60 seconds.

Youngest Person To Climb South Sister In Oregon

Harry Edward Lohr IV climbed the South Sister in Oregon at the age of five years old.

Fastest Time To Climb The Princess' Secret Slide In Super Mario 64

04:07 United States

Alex Cunningham climbed the Princess’ secret slide in Super Mario 64 in three minutes and 57.82 seconds

Most Stairs Climbed In A Single Jump

00:24 United States

Evan L. climbed 10 stairs in a single step.

Highest Non-Stop Climb On An Arms-Only Rope In One Minute

03:05 United States

Alicia Weber climbed a total distance of 34.26 meters on an arms-only rope in one minute. The climb was made non-stop, without pauses.

Fastest Time To Climb Arms-Only Rope In L-Position Wearing 10-Pound Ankle Weights

01:09 United States

Alicia Weber climbed an arms-only rope in 8.95 seconds. She complete the climb in L-position with an additional 10 pounds of weight on her ankles.

Fastest Time To Climb Arms Only Rope In L-Position

01:04 United States

Alicia Weber climbed to the top of a 12-foot rope in 3.96 seconds. She climbed in L-position, using only her arms.

Longest Time Balancing Between Two Walls

17:01 United States

Michael James balanced between two walls for 15 minutes, 59.20 seconds.

Longest Time Supporting Oneself Between Parallel Walls

06:16 United States

Louis B. climbed between two walls and stayed balanced for six minutes, 0.79 second.

Fastest Time To Complete A 100-Meter Run And 12-Foot Arms-Only Rope Climb

07:20 United States

Alicia Weber completed a 100-meter run and 12-foot arms-only rope climb in 20.57 seconds.

Fastest Time To Complete A Combination 500-Meter Run And 36-Foot Arms-Only Rope Climb

09:05 United States

Alicia Weber completed a 500-meter run and a 36-foot arms-only rope climb in two minutes, 4.72 seconds.

Fastest Time To Complete 1500-Meter Run And 96-Foot Arms-Only Rope Climb

14:18 United States

Alicia Weber completed 1500-meter run and 96-foot arms only rope climb in seven minutes, 18.28 seconds.

Longest Human Bridge Climbed Over By A Coatimundi

01:09 United States

A total of 120 people formed a human bridge which Clusters, the coatimundi, climbed over. Clusters lives at Roos-N-More, a non-profit education zoo in Las Vegas. The record was set at First Friday Las Vegas, a monthly festival held in Las Vegas, Nevada. #FirstFridayLV

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