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Fastest Time To Complete 100 Strict Pull Ups And 100 Burpee-Pushups With End Jump And Clap

13:20 United States

Alicia Weber completed 100 strict pull ups and 100 burpee-pushups with end jump and clap in 11 minutes, 55.48 seconds.

Most Elbow Claps In One Minute

01:05 United States

Grace E. completed 147 elbow claps in one minute.

Most One-Legged Burpees With Opposite One-Armed Push-Ups With End Jump And Clap In One Minute

01:46 United States

Alicia Weber completed 12 one-legged burpees with opposite one-armed push-ups with an end jump and clap in one minute.

Most Consecutive One-Armed Double Clapping Push-Ups

01:12 France

Guillaume Bourgeois performed 20 consecutive one-armed double clapping push-ups.

Most Consecutive Increasing Clap Tosses Of A Tennis Ball On Back Of Hand

00:51 United States

JJ completed nine consecutive increasing clap tosses of a tennis ball on the back of his hand.

Most One-Handed Claps In 30 Seconds

01:00 United States

Emilie Virgilio completed 181 one-handed claps in 30 seconds. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Most Claps In 30 Seconds While Standing On One Leg

United States

Patrick Poitras clapped 345 times in 30 seconds while balancing on one leg.

Most One-Handed Claps In 10 Seconds

00:31 Portugal

Goncalo Garcia completed 77 one-handed claps in 10 seconds.

Most Consecutive One-Thumb Clapping Push-Ups

01:42 France

Guillaume B. performed 30 one-thumb clapping push-ups.

Most Three-Person Claps

01:39 United States

Michael James and his friends clapped together 176 times.

Most One-Armed Back-Of-Hand Clapping Push-Ups

02:03 France

Guillaume B. performed 34 consecutive one-armed back-of-hand clapping push-ups.

Most Consecutive Clapping Side Plank Press-Ups

00:53 France

Guillaume B. completed 12 consecutive clapping side plank press-ups.

Most Consecutive Clapping Side Plank Press-Ups While Wearing A Boxing Glove

00:36 France

Guillaume B. completed four consecutive clapping side plank press-ups while wearing a boxing glove.

Most iPhone Tosses Between Two People In One Minute With Bystander Slow Clapping

01:31 Canada

Two members of 103.1 Virgin Radio in Winnipeg, Manitoba tossed an iPhone back and forth to each other 52 times in one minute while a bystander slow-clapped.

Most Consecutive Behind-The-Back Clapping Push-Ups

00:33 Scotland

David M. performed 23 consecutive behind-the-back clapping push-ups.

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