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05:22 United States

Tallest Poker Chip Tower

Max Machlin

Max Machin stacked 240 poker chips in a single tower.

00:26 United States

Largest Human Doritos Chip


At the 2014 Super Bowl in East Rutherford, New Jersey, 30 fans assembled in triangle formation and set a world record for the Largest Human Doritos Chip. RecordSetter CEO Dan Rollman was present to count and officiate. Think you and your friends can beat the record? Follow the rules below and send in your video to RecordSetter.

United States

Largest Poker Chip Sculpture

Robert "Death"

Robert quot;Deathquot; built a sculpture using 1,375 poker chips.

03:02 United States

Tallest Americana Poker Chip Tower

Vlad Ivanov

Vlad Ivanov stacked 117 red, white and blue poker chips in a single tower.

01:10 United States

Most Chips Eaten Using Own Foot In One Minute

Glen S.

Glen S. ate 10 chips in one minute using his own foot.

02:24 Wales

Shortest Distance To Chip A Golf Ball Over A Five-Foot Fence

Mark Evans

Mark E. chipped a golf ball over a five-foot fence 12 inches away.

02:43 Wales

Shortest Distance Chipping A Table Tennis Ball Over A Five-Foot Fence

Mark Evans

Mark E. chipped a table tennis ball over a five-foot fence 12 inches away.

United States

Most People Eating Guacamole On A Boat

Guac Rock 2010

210 attendees of the 2010 Guac Rock Concert Cruise ate guacamole while cruising around New York City’s East River. 100 avocados were used to make the guacamole, and eight different recipes were created.

United States

Most Snack Chip Flavors Eaten By Six People In One Sitting

Austin Foulk

Hollian Brooks, Nick Dipoalo, Austin Foulk, Chris Gulla, Brett Digwood and Curt Kromko each ate 15 different flavors of snack chips in one sitting. They used Pringles, Sun Chips, Middleswarth, Tostitos, Cheetos, and Doritos to achieve the feat.

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