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Charity world records prove that there is something better than becoming a world record holder: becoming a record holder while raising a ton of cash or awareness for a greater cause. World records have been set in aid of everything from cancer research to dog rescue funds. Activities include autographing a shoe, eating dog biscuits, and, in an extraordinary display of altruism, baking a huge batch of pumpkin pies and donating them to a mission.

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Fastest Solo Viewing Of Every Episode Of LOST


Peter Wilson watched all 123 episodes of LOSTby himself in 145 hours. He began watching the first episode on May 18th, 2010 at 10:30 PM and completed the series finale on May 23 at 11:30 PM. He live streamed[] the entire record, attracting thousands of viewers throughout. Wilson set the record to raise money and awareness for the Child’s Play[] organization. Read Peter’s LOST Marathon blog about the project here. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Largest Anonymous Donation To A Non-Commercial YouTube Channel

09:56 Canada

Darryl Learie received an anonymous $35 donation to his non-commercial YouTube channel.

Largest Charity Money Chain

00:48 United States

Attendees of the Inventgenuity Festival created a money chain made up of $436.32. The money was then donated to the International Rescue Committee[]. The record was set on February 21, 2010 at the 2nd Annual Brooklyn World Record Day, an event hosted by RecordSetter in conjunction with Beam Camp as part of their Inventgenuity Festival. #BWRD02

Largest Group Wearing Jellyfish Hats At Once


A group of 210 Lavallette Elementary Schoolstudents wore jellyfish hats at at once. They set the world record to raise environmental awareness forBarnegat Bay. See more about the event here.

Largest Sierpinski Triangle Made Of Pennies

01:42 United States

Students from Eudora High School created a Sierpinski triangle made of 59,049 pennies. They set the record to raise funds for the March of Dimes, collecting a total of $731.83 during the attempt.

Longest Charity Waterfall

06:21 United States

At a Kiva event celebrating International Women’s Day, 54 people lined up and set a new world record for the Longest Charity Waterfall. Record participants included Kiva CEO Matt Flannery, president Premal Shah and Director of Development Bennett Grassano, who conceived the feat. Attendees lined up and donated at least $1 to a pile of money that was passed along the line in a waterfall manner, raising $175 in less than a minute. The money was instantly processed as a Kiva microfinancing loan.

Longest Continuous Auction


Tony Mansfield auctioned 400 items nonstop for over four hours in a shopping mall in Queensland, Australia. The event was organized to raise money and local awareness for Make-A-Wish Australia. Learn more about the feat here.

Longest Drumming Marathon

01:17 Canada

Steven Gaul played the drums for 121 hours (7,260 minutes). Gaul set this record to raise money for cancer research. Read more about the event here.

Longest Polo Game

United States

The Noh Foods Polo Team and the Trione Vineyards and Winery Polo Team played an arena polo game that lasted eight hours and 10 minutes. They set the record during the Ford Trucks World Record Polo Game at the South Point Equestrian Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Read more about the feat here.

Longest Time Balancing A Stanley Cup Replica On Chin At A Charity Fundraiser Event

01:23 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced a Stanley Cup replica on his chin for 34.63 seconds. He set the record at a fundraiser event for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Longest Time Using Only Social Media To Communicate

United States

Clark Harris has used social media as his only form of communication for the past 100 days. He’s setting the record to raise awareness and money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, in memory of his mother. Read more about his experiment and donatehere. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Loudest Charity Scream

01:54 United States

During his TEDx Brooklyn talk, RecordSetter CEO Dan Rollman led attendees in setting a record for the Loudest Charity Scream. The group collectively generated a scream that reached 112 decibels, raising $2,600 for the St. Baldrick's Foundation. Rollman had raised $25/decibel in advance of his talk.

Most Articles Of Clothing Worn By One Person At Once, Driven To A Clothing Bank, Removed And Donated

15:35 United States

Greg Pettit put on 223 articles of clothing at once, drove them to a Salvation Army clothing bank in his Ford Fusion, removed them one by one and donated them to the bank. Petit set the record as part of Fusion 41, a URDB World Record Challenge created by the Ford Motor Company.

Most Autographs On A Shoe

United States

As part of a charity initiative, 53 indie music artists signed a single Saucony sneaker. The contributors came from 20 bands different bands who performed at the 2009 Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, Illinois, including Yo La Tengo, The National and The Walkmen[]. The shoe will be auctioned off on, with all proceeds going to Saucony’s Run for Good Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to combating childhood obesity. Artists include: The Jesus Lizard Yo La Tengo The National Black Lips Yeasayer The Dutchess and the Duke Ponytail Bowerbirds Pains of Being Pure at Heart The Antlers Fucked Up M83 The Walkmen Women Pharoahe Monch Killer Whales Blitzen Trapper Frightened Rabbit Michael Columbia Cymbals Eat Guitars #PF01

Most Birthday Wishes From Verified Celebrities On Twitter

United States

Mr. S. sent celebrities a tweet on his July 14th birthday, requesting a birthday wish. He mentioned in an attached link that for each wish he received he would donate $3.00 to Open Door Shelter in Norwalk, Connecticut. Twelve verified celebrities responded to his request in 24 hours. Read more about the feat here.

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