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Most Hats Worn At Once

03:39 United States

Tai Star wore 58 hats at once. He set the record at People's Imports in Tucson, Arizona.

Most Times Unscrewing A Plastic Bottle Cap While Listening To 'Perfect Strangers' Theme Song

01:56 United States

Dave Bettenunscrewed the cap off his plasticbottle 56 times while listening to the theme song fromPerfect Strangers.

Largest Snapple Cap Collection

United States

Chris F. has 13,477 Snapple bottle caps in his collection. He has been collecting caps for 10 years. Some of his collections include the Snapple Real Facts caps and caps with a complete sweepstakes winning sequence. He has collected the caps through his local recycling center and through his friends and family.

Longest Distance To Hit The Cap Of A Corked Beer Bottle With A Rifle Shot

03:47 Canada

Doug McManaman hit the cap of a corked beer bottle from 50 yards away using a .22 caliber rifle.

Most Gift Cards Placed In A Hat

00:28 United States

Tim L. placed gift cards for eight different stores into a hat.

Longest Distance From Which To Shoot The Cap Off Of A Two-Liter Bottle

02:59 Canada

Doug McManaman placed a bottle cap on top of a two-liter bottle and shot it off from a distance of 50 yards away.

Most Caps Put In A Pencil Box

01:55 United States

Kevin Stuart put 46 caps from various types of bottles and packages into a pencil box.

Largest Cap Collection

08:41 United States

Kevin Stuart has a collection of 200 caps.

Most Caps Stacked On A Cap

08:41 United States

Kevin Stuart stacked 199 caps on a cap.

Fastest Time To Escape From Handcuffs

00:36 Canada

Ryan Stock escaped from his handcuffs in 7.15 seconds. He escaped using a bobby pin hidden inside his mouth.

Most Push-Ups In One Minute While Wearing A Mortarboard And Listening To "Pomp And Circumstances"

01:08 United States

Pete Moyer completed 38 push-ups in one minute. He performed the attempt while wearing a mortarboard and listening to the "Pomp and Circumstance march.

Most Basketball Shots Made On A Mini Hoop While Yo-Yoing With A Guinness World Record Book Under Armpit And Putting A Cap On With Foot

00:44 United States

Trevor made three basketball shots on a mini hoop while yo-yoing with a Guinness world record book under his armpit and putting a cap on using his foot.

Tallest Beer Cap Stack (Inverted)

United States

Blake W. stacked 36 inverted beer caps in a tower.

Largest Snapple Bottle Cap Pyramid

United States

Nicholas S. collected 55 Snapple bottle caps and assembled them into a pyramid.

Largest Bottle Cap Structure

United States

Alexander Barton used 1,751 bottle caps to construct a 3.5-foot tower.

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