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Highest Concert Performed In The United States


Chris Carraba of Dashboard Confessional performed a concert on top of Pikes Peak Mountain in Colorado at 14,111 feet above sea level. The concert was performed to raise funds for The Love Hope Strength Foundation[].

Largest Group Of People To Say "Break Cancer" Upon Completion Of A Marathon Or Half-Marathon


Sevenpeople finished the 2010 San Antonio Rock amp; Roll Full amp; Half-Marathon[] said “Break cancer!” after their completion of the race. #NOEP

Largest Group To Form A Dedication Circle Followed By A Can-Can Line

06:52 United States

60 riders in the Texas 4000stood in a circle and made individual dedications before lining up and forming a can-can line. They set the record before heading out on a bicycle ride.

Most People To Crush A Can For Cancer

01:02 United States

Emily Peterson and 32 of her friends each crushed an aluminum can for cancer.

Largest Group Of People Beating Up Cancer Balloons

01:17 United States

55 members of Texas 4000 each beat up a “cancer balloon.”They set the record as part of LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance[]’sBreak Cancercampaign.

Largest Silent Anti-Cancer Message

00:15 United States

Nine cancer survivors and eight oncology staff members participated in a 17-person silent anti-cancer message.

Most Mary Kay Consultants Kissing Cancer Good-Bye


Forty Mary Kay consultants said “Mary Kay kisses cancer goodbye” at the same time. They set the record in honor of Terri Schaefer for the We Believe Foundation.

Most Bandanas Worn At Once

01:44 United States

Katie Preston Toepfer wore 110bandanas on her body at once. The record, set to raise cancer awareness, was set usingCanTeen bandanas.

Fastest Time To Hit Cancer Sign With Five Darts


Allen Hunter hit a “CANCER”sign on a dartboard with five consecutive darts in 3.87 seconds.

Fastest Time To Write "Beat Cancer" 10 Times On A Skype Call

00:54 United States

Harry wrote “Beat Cancer” 10 times on a Skype call in 34.51 seconds.

Most "Cancer" Notes Thrown In Trash Can In 30 Seconds

01:06 United States

Mason Kinard trashed “Cancer” 28 times in 30 seconds.

Longest "Boo" Directed Toward Cancer

01:21 Belgium

Joseph Nagy let out a “boo” directed towards cancer that lasted non-stop for 54.31 seconds.

Most Hugs Against Cancer

02:25 United States

Melissa Owens embarked upon a personal goal to break a hugging record. She gave out 600 hugs during a flash mob at Portlandrsquo;s Pioneer Courthouse Square[]. Owensrsquo; hugging record was the fifth URDB record to be set by supporters of the OHSU AYA program at the Knight Cancer Institute[].

Most Family Members To Say "Breast Cancer Awareness For Young Women" At Once


17 members of the Larsen Family /Team Shan gathered to say “Breast Cancer Awarenesss for Young Women”.

Most Words Spelled Using The Letters In “LIVESTRONG” In One Tweet


Adam Brasher spelled 55 words using the letters found in the word “LIVESTRONG” and put them in a single tweet.

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