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Most Boards Broken In 35 Seconds Using Head

United States

Kevin Taylor's friend, Bill, broke 19 wooden boards in 35 seconds using his head.

Heaviest Brick Broken With Head

00:25 United States

Kevin Taylor's friend broke a 10-pound brick using his head. WARNING: This record can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 and trained as a professional martial artist. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.

Most Bricks Broken With Bare Hand And Foot

00:28 United States

Kevin Taylor's friend broke two bricks using his hand and foot.

Most Boards Broken In 25 Seconds By A Seven-Year-Old

00:28 United States

Kevin Taylor's martial arts student, Colbin M., broke 20 boards in 25 seconds. He is seven years old.

Most Stacks Of Concrete Bricks Broken Simultaneously

00:26 United States

JD broke three stacks of concrete bricks simultaneously using his head and arms. Each stack consisted of four concrete bricks.

Fastest Time To Break 50 Pencils Over Head

01:03 Canada

Jonathan R. broke 50 pencils using his head in 43.60 seconds. He set the record during an episode of Gong Show, a variety show in Cégep de Limoilou, Canada.

Most Vinyl Records Broken By 3 People In 1 Minute

01:10 United States

Paramore set an official RecordSetter World Record by breaking 58 vinyl records in one minute. The band set the record within their "Ain't it Fun" music video, in which they also set a record for Most World Records Set in a Music Video. NOTE: This record can be dangerous. If you attempt to beat it, you must use safety precautions and follow all rules below.

Fastest Time To Break A New Year's Resolution

00:48 United States

Ian M. made his New Year’s Resolution for 2014 and broke it 0.29 second later.

Most Bricks Broken In 30 Seconds Using Head

00:35 United States

Richard Bell broke 100 bricks in 30 seconds using his head. The combined weight of the bricks totaled 1,000 pounds.

Fastest Time To Break 400 Bricks Using Hands

00:56 United States

Kevin Taylor broke 400 bricks in 37.94 seconds. The combined weight of the bricks totaled 4,000 pounds.

Most Bricks Broken Underwater In A Tub Using Bare Hand

00:16 United States

Kevin Taylor broke one brick underwater in a tub using his bare hand.

Fastest Air Speed Brick Break

00:22 United States

Kevin Taylor performed an air speed brick break in 0.41 second.

Most Car Door Windows Broken Using Hands In Two Minutes

12:39 United States

Kevin Taylor broke 21 car door windows using his hands in two minutes.

Most Fiery Bricks Broken Using Elbows

00:21 United States

Eric broke 16 bricks using his elbows. He is a six-degree black belter with Master Kevin Taylor's WSBBA. The combined weight of the bricks totaled 160 pounds.

Longest Row Of Bricks Broken Using Hands

05:07 United States

Kevin Taylor broke a 100-yard row of bricks using his hands. He broke a total of 809 bricks during the attempt.

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