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Most Words Spelled Using The Letters In "LIVESTRONG" In A Single Tumblr Post


Adam Brasher spelled 793 words using the letters found in “LIVESTRONG” in a single Tumblr post.

Most Cyclists Arm Wrestling To Support "Break Cancer"

01:29 United States

38 members of Texas 4000 set a record for most cyclists arm wrestling to support Break Cancer.

Largest Group Of Masked Dental Hygienists To Support "Break Cancer"

00:40 United States

70 people set a record for largest group of masked dental hygienists to support Break Cancer as an early celebration of Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Month[] and National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week[]. The project was a combined effort between the [Dental Hygiene Alumni Association of Columbus State Community College][] and Joan’s Fund (The Joan Bisesi Fund for Head and Neck Oncology Research). [Dental Hygiene Alumni Association of Columbus State Community College]:

Most People To Put A Hex On Cancer

01:23 United States

Bridget Liddy and three of her girlfriends put a hex on their friend Rebecca’s cancer by reciting a four line rhyming couplet 13 times in a row.

Most Celebrities Listed With Cancer As Their Astrological Sign In A Tweet


Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya listed 21 different celebrities who have Cancer as their astrological sign in a tweet.

Most People To Lift Up Bikes And Say "Break Cancer" After 40-Mile Ride

00:31 United States

28 people from 2011 LIVESTRONG Texas 4000 Team lifted their bikes up and said “Break Cancer” following a 40-mile ride.

Largest Group To Stare Down Cancer

00:32 United States

14 members and guests of LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance Steering Committee[]stared down cancer at the same time.

Most Family Members To Say "Breast Cancer Awareness For Young Women" At Once


17 members of the Larsen Family /Team Shan gathered to say “Breast Cancer Awarenesss for Young Women”.

Most Chemical Element Symbols From The Letters Of "LIVESTRONG" In A Single Tweet


Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya posted a tweet containing 27 chemical element symbols of the Periodic Table Of Elements from the letters in “LIVESTRONG” in a single tweet.

Most "Cancer" Notes Thrown In Trash Can In 30 Seconds

01:06 United States

Mason Kinard trashed “Cancer” 28 times in 30 seconds.

Most Office Items Covered In Tin Foil

01:01 United States

Lisa Watson, a Nurse Oncology Education Program marketing guru, has 62 office items wrapped in tin foil.

Fastest Time To Hit Cancer Sign With Five Darts


Allen Hunter hit a “CANCER”sign on a dartboard with five consecutive darts in 3.87 seconds.

Largest Group To Dance "The Robot" While Wrapped In Christmas Lights

01:39 United States

Alanna Iverson and 51 other cyclists danced the robotwhile wrapped in Christmas lights. The participants were a group of cyclists on a long distance bike ride to raise money for cancer research.

Most Bandanas Worn At Once

01:44 United States

Katie Preston Toepfer wore 110bandanas on her body at once. The record, set to raise cancer awareness, was set usingCanTeen bandanas.

Most Mary Kay Consultants Kissing Cancer Good-Bye


Forty Mary Kay consultants said “Mary Kay kisses cancer goodbye” at the same time. They set the record in honor of Terri Schaefer for the We Believe Foundation.

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