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Largest Cardboard Fort

United States

Bill Rudy, students from Brigham Young University, members of BYU Recycling and EcoResponse built a cardboard box fort made of 5,086 boxes. They set the record to promote recycling and waste reduction.

Most Boxes Smooshed On A Bed

00:48 United States

David Z. smooshed 18 boxes on his bed.

Most Dried Peas Placed In A Box In One Minute Using A Straw

07:04 India

Shripad V. placed 67 dried peas from a bowl to a box in one minute using a straw.

Most Bottles Tossed Into A Box Using Mouth In One Minute

03:54 Canada

Doug McManaman tossed six bottles into a box using his mouth in one minute.

Most Thermocol Boxes Stacked In 30 Seconds

02:33 India

Rishwyn stacked eight Thermocol boxes in 30 seconds.

Most Pizza Boxes Held In Hand At Once

00:58 United States

Alex held 61 pizza boxes in his hand at once.

Most Punching Bag Punches In 15 Seconds

00:14 Pakistan

Ahmad Amin Bodla punched a punching bag 190 times in 15 seconds.

Longest Time Balancing Nine Boxes On Thumb

02:59 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced nine boxes on his thumb for two minutes, 00.06 second.

Most Tissues Pulled Out Of Box In 15 Seconds

01:29 United States

John pulled 22 tissues out of a box in 15 seconds.

Longest Time For Two People To Balance A Ball On Top Of A Box On Face

00:14 United States

Tony Duncan and his friend balanced a ball on top of a box on their faces for 10.03 seconds.

Highest Score In B-Mode Level 9-5 Of "Tetris" (NES) With "Next" Box Disabled

02:15 United States

Ben M. earned 24,202 points in B-Mode Level 9-5 of Tetris with the "Next" box disabled.

Highest Score In "Tetris" With "Next" Box Disabled (NES)

11:03 United States

Ben M. earned 350,098 points in Tetris with the Next box disabled.

Tallest Soda Box Tower

05:48 United States

Zachary C. stacked 19 soda boxes in a tower.

Most Boxes Of Christmas Cards Held In Hand While Dressed As Santa Claus

01:22 United States

Clint P. held 25 Christmas card boxes in his hand at once.

Tallest Vemma Box Tower

12:37 United States

Robert M. stacked five Vemma boxes in a tower.

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