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Most Consecutive Bounce Juggles Using Three Basketballs

01:44 United States

Audi T. completed 168 consecutive bounces while bounce juggling three regulation-sized basketballs.

Longest Time Bounce-Juggling Three Basketballs

06:36 United States

Audi T. bounce-juggled three basketballs for six minutes, 21.78 seconds.

Most Bounces Of A Basketball While Riding A Ripstick

07:20 United Arab Emerates

The Random Outdoors bounced a basketball 649 times while riding a Ripstick.

Most Three-Ball Bounce Juggling Catches While Riding A Pogo Stick

00:17 United States

Thom Wall completed 10 catches while three-ball bounce juggling and jumping on a pogo stick.

Most Times Bouncing An Exercise Ball On A Slackline

02:35 United States

Tai Star bounced an exercise ball 60 times on a slackline.

Most Golf Ball Bounces On A Paperback Book

01:12 United States

Viktor O. bounced a golf ball on a paperback book 175 times.

Most Bounces Of A Broomstick On A Slackline

03:03 United States

Tai Star bounced a broomstick on a slackline 63 times.

Most Consecutive Bounces Of A Ping Pong Ball On A Paddle Handle

01:01 United States

Derek M. completed 151 consecutive bounces of a ping pong ball on a paddle handle.

Most Triple-Bounces Of A Table Tennis Ball Into A Bowl

02:18 Portugal

Francisco triple-bounced a table tennis ball into a bowl three consecutive times.

Most Table Tennis Ball Bounces On A Table Tennis Paddle While Blindfolded

00:46 Georgia

Mamuka Kucia bounced a table tennis ball on a table tennis paddle 100 times while blindfolded.

Most Between-The-Legs Bounces Of A Basketball Off The Side Of A Building In 30 Seconds

00:58 United States

David T. bounced a basketball between his legs and off of the side of a building 25 times in 30 seconds.

Most Consecutive Under-The-Leg Basketball Passes

03:16 United States

Zach B. completed 411 consecutive under-the-leg basketball passes.

Most Butt-Bounces On A Bed By A 7-Year-Old In One Minute

01:35 United States

Cody R. butt-bounced on a bed 37 times in one minute. He is seven years old.

Most Consecutive Table Tennis Ball Bounces Against A Wall While Playing Drums

03:02 Mexico

Alejandro Z. bounced a table tennis ball against a wall 115 times while playing drums.

Most Bounces Of A Devilstick On A Slackline

01:50 United States

Tai Star bounced a devilstick 11 times on a slackline.

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