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Longest Tandem Bicycle Ride With A Full-Sized Artificial Skeleton In Back Seat

05:21 England

Kadhim Shubber rode 891 miles with a full-sized skeleton on the back seat of his tandem bicycle. He cycled from John O'Groats, Scotland to Land's End, England. He set the record to raise money for scholarship programs at Imperial College London. Read more about the feat here.

Fastest Time To Identify All Individual Bones Of The Hand And Wrist

00:37 United States

Johnathan's friend identified all of the individual bones of the hand and wrist using a model human skeleton in 25.37 seconds. She set the record to celebrate World Radiography Day.

Most Human Bones Mentioned In A Tweet


Dr. Krishna N. Sharma named 24 human bones in a single tweet.

Longest Time With Broken Clavicle Before Having Surgery

United States

Joseph Yi broke his collar bone on November 16, 2010 in a motor accident. The bone remains broken as of May 11th, 2011. A total of 176 days passed between the break and Yi’s surgery. The broken clavicle was initially documented on January 11, 2010. NOTE: For safety reasons, we are declaring this a closed category. Future submissions won’t be recognized.

Most Screws In A Clavicle Bone

United States

Eric Hagood has eight screws placed in his collar bone. See full-sized image here.

Most Human Bones Named In 30 Seconds

00:59 Australia

Deborah Craig recited 27 human bones from memory in 30 seconds. Bones listed: - frontal - parietal - temporal - occipital - ethmoid - sphenoid - zygomatic - mandible - maxilla - cranium - clavicle - ribs - cervical vertebrae - thoracic vertebrae - lumbar vertebrae - hip - sacrum - tibia - fibula - patella - radius - ulna - humerus - intermediate phalanges - proximal phalanges - distal phalanges - calcaneus (heel)

Farthest Distance To Throw A Bag Filled With Turkey Bones

01:07 United States

Naythen Wilson threw a bag of frozen turkey bones 53 feet and four inches (16.26 meters).

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