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Fewest Blocks Used To Make A House In "Minecraft"

00:52 Netherlands

Jelly Penguin used three blocks to make a house in Minecraft.

Largest NPC Village In "Minecraft"

United States

Raymond T. built an NPC village in Minecraft measuring 16,002 square blocks.

Longest Bridge Built In "Minecraft"

09:38 United States

Matthew B. built a bridge 11,848 blocks long in Minecraft.

Longest Wooden Block Bridge Held Between Hands

01:21 Australia

Jake G. made a bridge of 30 blocks between his hands.

Most Basketball Dribbles On A Block In 30 Seconds

00:30 United States

Brian Pankey dribbled a basketball on a block 176 times in 30 seconds.

Most Basketball Dribbles On A Block In One Minute

01:01 United States

Brian Pankey dribbled a basketball on a block 348 times in one minute.

Most Blocks Used In Tetris In 30 Seconds

00:36 Belgium

VTKlustrum used 23 blocks in Tetris in 30 seconds.

Most Blocks Used To Make A RecordSetter Redstone Construction In "Minecraft"

04:42 United States

Kevin Stuart used 1,087 blocks to make a RecordSetter redstone construction in Minecraft.

Most Cinder Blocks Broken With Palm Strikes

03:59 United States

Irving Soto broke three cinder blocks with palm strikes. He holds a 10th degree black belt in Jujitsu and Atemi Waza.

Most Concrete Blocks Broken On Body In 30 Seconds While Lying On A Bed Of Nails

03:34 India

Bhavjoth Singh had 30 concrete blocks piled on his body and broken in 30 seconds while lying on a bed of nails. Attempt starts at 01:44 NOTE: This attempt is dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals.

Most Concrete Blocks Broken With One Strike

00:35 United States

Randy Richey of Omega Force Strength Team broke 55 concrete blocks with one single strike. He set the record during 2013 Superman Festival in Metropolis, Illinois.

Most Consecutive Two-Block Gap Jumps In "Minecraft" (PC)

01:10 United States

Bubble ThePotato completed 179 two-block gap jumps on Minecraft.

Most Consecutive Two-Block Gap Jumps In "Minecraft" (Xbox 360)

05:40 United States

Matt Guggenbiller completed 283 two-block gap jumps on Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.

Most Diamond Blocks Found In A Single Bunch In "Minecraft"

00:55 United States

Notyoda found eight diamond blocks in one bunch while playing Minecraft.

Most Jenga Blocks Layer-Stacked On Top Of One Block While Balancing On Nose

01:34 United States

Dan G. balanced 14 Jenga blocks arranged in a layer-stacked style on top of one block while balancing them on his nose.

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