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Most Bunny Hops In The Back Of A Small Truck

00:12 United States

Shane N. performed 18 bunny hops in the back of a small truck.

Fastest "Bicycle" Card Cut

00:15 India

Kamal A. performed a "Bicycle" card cut in 6.30 seconds.

Fastest 100-Mile Cycle Run Time By An Amateur Cycling Group

00:03 United States

Team Sub-4, an amateur cycling team, cycled 100 miles in three hours, 40 minutes. Learn more about the team here.

Fastest Time To Bicycle To The Summit Of Sugarloaf Mountain

10:52 United States

Alicia Weber rode a bicycle from the bottom to the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain in Clermont, Florida in four minutes, 27.22 seconds. The distance in-between the bottom and the summit was 95 meters (0.7 mile).

Fastest Time To Cross The European Continent On A Tandem Bicycle

01:39:14 England

Doctors Ben Clarke and Gihan Ganeshanantham traveled across the European continent by tandem bicycling in 57 days, eight hours and 54 minutes. They started from North Cape in Norway and rode to Tarifa in Southern Spain. They rode a total of 6,918.1 kilometers (4298.7 miles). The doctors set the record to raise funds for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, an organization dedicated to provide world-class care for cancer patients. Learn more about the feat here.

Fastest Time To Fold A Brompton Bicycle

00:46 England

Anthony B. folded a Brompton bicycle in 5.96 seconds.

Fastest Time To Travel The Four UK Compass Points On A Bicycle

02:15 United States

Andy Gray traveled the four compass points of the United Kingdom, Dunnet Head in Scotland, Corrachad Mor, Lizard Point, and Ness Point, in 15 days on a bicycle. He rode a total of 1,500 miles. He set the record to raise money and awareness for Marie Curie Cancer Care and Wisdom Hospice. Learn more about the feat here.

Fastest Time To Unfold A Brompton Bicycle

00:46 England

Anthony B. unfolded a Brompton bicycle in 7.05 seconds.

Highest Average Age Of Three People Riding A Three-Person Bicycle

00:9 United States

Bob Swaim (66), Stanley Wohlbach (92), and Joseph Zeller (93) rode an unorthodox three-person bicycle on the Saucon Rail Trail. The average age of the three riders stood at 83.3 years at the time of the attempt. Read more about the feat here.

Highest Unicycle Freemount

00:29 New Zealand

Nicholas Steward freemounted a unicycle 2.5 meters in height.

Longest Bicycle Ghost Ride

16:00 United States

Aaron Glick performed a bicycle ghost ride for 2.68 seconds.

Longest Bicycle Ride On A Cable

00:48 Croatia

Nikola Bete rode his bicycle on a 12-meter long cable. WARNING: This record can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 and trained as a professional. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.

Longest Cycling Route Calculated In Google Maps

United States

Alex Cunningham calculated a 5,261-mile cycle route using Google Maps. This route runs from Fairbanks, Alaska to Key West, Florida.

Longest No-Handed Bicycle Wheelie

03:30 Croatia

Nikola B. performed a bicycle wheelie for three minutes, 20.25 seconds without holding the handlebars.

Longest Time For A Coin To Spin In A Bike Tire

02:59 United States

Tai Star put a coin in a bike tire and spun the tire with the coin for two minutes, 24.19 seconds.

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