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Most Times Passing A Magic 8 Ball Around In 30 Seconds

01:03 United States

JT and his friends passed a Magic 8 ball around 48 times in 30 seconds.

Most Bounces Of A Lacrosse Ball On A Hockey Stick

00:41 United States

Charles bounced a lacrosse ball on a hockey stick 46 times.

Longest Time Hovering Table Tennis Ball Above Mouth

00:25 United States

Cole C. kept a table tennis ball hovering in air for 5.97 seconds using just his breath.

Most Table Tennis Balls Held Underwater With One Hand

04:11 India

Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya held 14 table tennis balls at once underwater.

Most Consecutive Throws Of A Pillow In 30 Seconds While Spinning It On Finger And Juggling Two Balls

00:32 United States

Brian Pankey threw a pillow 13 times in 30 seconds while spinning it on one finger and juggling two balls with his other hand.

Most Basketball Shots Made On A Street Pro Gamez Hoop In 20 Seconds

00:20 United States

Dustin P. made 41 shots on his Street Pro Gamez Hoop in 20 seconds.

Fastest Time To Complete 300 Catches Juggling Three Balls

01:19 United States

Nate T. completed 300 catches in one minute, 12.94 seconds while juggling three balls.

Most Revolution Card Cuts While Juggling Three Balls

00:41 United States

Brian Pankey performed 10 Revolution cuts using his right hand while juggling three balls in his left hand simultaneously.

Most Thumb Card Cuts While Juggling Three Balls

00:57 United States

Brian Pankey performed 13 thumb cuts on his right hand while juggling three balls in his left hand simultaneously.

Longest Time Juggling Three Two-Pound Balls While Lying On Back

03:54 United States

JJ Walker juggled three two-pound balls for three minutes, 2.37 seconds while lying on his back.

Longest Time Juggling Three Balls In A Shower Pattern

07:23 Slovenia

Rok K. juggled three balls in a shower pattern for seven minutes, 23.69 seconds.

Most Tennis Balls Held In Hand At Once

05:16 India

Shripad Vaidya held 23 tennis balls in his hand at once.

Shortest Person To Dunk On A Men's Regulation-Size Basketball Hoop

01:37 United States

Porter Maberry successfully dunked a basketball into a men's regulation size basketball hoop. He stands five feet, five inches tall.

Most Rounds Of A Four-Ball Box Juggling Pattern

00:26 England

Ewan C. performed 11 rounds of four-ball box juggling pattern.

Most Backboard Dunks In One Minute

01:38 United States

Hunter H. completed 35 consecutive backboard dunks on an eight-foot rim in one minute.

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