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Longest Time Juggling Three Four-Pound Balls In A Box Pattern

01:08 United States

Nate T. juggled three four-pound balls in a box pattern for 56.10 seconds.

Longest Time Juggling Two Four-Pound Balls With One Hand

01:12 United States

Nate T. juggled two four-pound balls one-handed for one minute, 2.40 seconds.

Longest Time Balancing A Three-Ball Stack

01:08 England

Peter Bone balanced a stack of three balls for 20.50 seconds.

Most Consecutive Catches Between Two People While One Catcher Stands On Four Soda Cans On One Foot

02:41 United States

Cody and his friend completed 102 consecutive catches while one catcher stood on one foot balanced four soda cans.

Most Times Passing A Ball Between Legs In 30 Seconds

00:48 India

Antony R. passed a ball between his legs 41 times in 30 seconds.

Most Different Three-Ball Juggling Moves In 30 Seconds While Sitting On A Wheelchair

00:36 United States

JJ performed seven different three-ball juggling moves in 30 seconds while sitting on a wheel chair. He set the record to encourage and inspire wheelchair athletes to become record setters.

Fastest Time To Kick Five Soccer Balls From Midfield Line Into Empty Net

02:32 Ireland

Michael K. kicked five stationary soccer balls from the midfield line into an empty net in 18.26 seconds.

Longest Time Juggling Four Two-Pound Balls

03:21 United States

JJ juggled four balls weighing two pounds each for three minutes, 4.53 seconds.

Most Consecutive Under-The-Leg Basketball Passes

03:16 United States

Zach B. completed 411 consecutive under-the-leg basketball passes.

Most Behind-The-Back Throws While Juggling Three Balls And Kneeling On An Exercise Ball

00:53 Canada

Mason A. performed five behind-the-back throws while juggling three balls and kneeling on an exercise ball.

Most Catches Juggling Two Basketballs One-Handed While Spinning A Basketball On A Pencil

00:44 Canada

Mason A. completed 42 catches juggling two basketballs one-handed while spinning a basketball on a pencil.

Most Sports Represented By Balancing

11:03 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced a soccer ball, a hockey puck, a baseball and a tennis ball on top of a glass. This represents four sports: soccer, hockey, baseball, and tennis.

Longest Basketball Jump Shot Over An Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

01:44 United States

Stevie from #Speedywiener made a successful jump shot over a 27-foot long Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

Most Balls Flashed While Wearing Sweatshirt

00:15 United States

Grant K. flashed seven beanbag balls while wearing a sweatshirt.

Longest Time Juggling Three Two-Pound Balls Over Head

03:12 United States

JJ juggled three two-pound balls over his head for two minutes, 39.13 seconds.

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