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Most Times Circling Basketball Around Waist In 30 Seconds

00:47 United States

Aaron Jones completed 56 basketball circulations around his waist in 30 seconds. Each circulation began and ended with the basketball in front of his body. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Most Consecutive Tennis Ball Bounces Alternating Between The Flat Side And Spine Of A Tennis Racket

03:22 United States

Brian Pankey bounced a tennis ball 423 times between the flat portion and the spine of his tennis racket.

Most Consecutive Bounces Of A Table Tennis Ball On Base Of Coffee Mug While On Knees

04:25 United States

Brian Pankey bounced a table tennis ball 865 times using the bottom of his coffee mug.

Most Consecutive Bounces In One Minute While Performing A Five-Ball Force-Bounce Juggle

01:54 United States

Bronkar Lee completed 360 bounces in one minute while performing a five-ball force-bounce juggle.

Longest Time Juggling Three Two-Pound Balls Over Head

03:12 United States

JJ juggled three two-pound balls over his head for two minutes, 39.13 seconds.

Most Catches Juggling Two Tennis Balls While Spinning A Basketball On Pencil And Balancing A Book On Head

01:04 United States

Brian Pankey completed 79 catches juggling two tennis balls while spinning a basketball on a pencil and balancing a book on his head.

Longest One-Armed Plank While Juggling Two Balls

01:18 United States

Nate T. performed a one-armed plank for one minute, 5.44 seconds while juggling two balls.

Fastest Time To Complete 300 Catches Juggling Three Balls

01:19 United States

Nate T. completed 300 catches in one minute, 12.94 seconds while juggling three balls.

Longest Time Juggling Three Balls In Mills Mess Pattern While Blindfolded

00:32 United States

Tony Duncan juggled three balls in a Mills Mess pattern for 26.47 seconds while blindfolded.

Most Consecutive Catches With Five Balls While Spinning A Basketball On A Mouthstick Held In Mouth

00:38 United States

Brian Pankey completed 80 consecutive catches juggling five balls while spinning a basketball on a mouthstick held in his mouth.

Most Catches Juggling Three Balls In One Minute While Balancing The RecordSetter Book Of World Records On Head

02:00 England

Richard W. completed 215 catches juggling three balls in one minute while balancing the RecordSetter Book of World Records on his head.

Fastest Time To Perform A Revolution 2 Card Cut While Bouncing A Table Tennis Ball Alternately Between Two Table Tennis Paddles

00:14 India

Kamal A. performed a Revolution 2 card cut in 2.88 seconds while bouncing a table tennis ball alternately between two table tennis paddles.

Longest Time To Juggle Three Five-Pound Balls In A Box Pattern

00:53 United States

Brian Pankey juggled three balls weighing five pounds each in a box pattern for 29.50 seconds.

Longest Time To Juggle Five Balls While Hula Hooping

01:49 United States

Tony Duncan juggled five balls for one minute, 31.83 seconds while hula hooping.

Most Behind-The-Back Tosses In 30 Seconds While Juggling Three Balls

00:38 United States

Pete Moyer completed 15 behind-the-back tosses in 30 seconds while juggling three balls.

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