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Most Times Reciting Alphabet Backwards In One Minute

01:20 United States

Matt D. recited the English alphabet backwards 24 times in one minute.

Largest Collection Of Guinness World Record Holder Autographs By A Universal Record Database World Record Holder

United States

RecordSetter record holder Art Hoffman has Guinness World Record holder Plennie Wingo’s autograph. Hoffman bumped into Wingo in Santa Monica, California in 1973, and asked him why he was walking backwards. He discovered Wingo was in the midst of an 8000-mile trek walking backwards. Wingo had small rearview mirrors affixed to his glasses that originally caught Hoffman’s eye.

Fastest Time To Spell "BACKWARDS" Backwards 10 Times In A Row

00:30 Canada

Kevin Zuccherato spelled the word “backwards” backwards 10 times in a row in 10.63 seconds.

Fastest Backwards Recitation Of The English Alphabet

00:19 United States

Gita Smith recited the English alphabet backwards in 1.93 seconds.

Fastest 30-Foot Backwards Dash

02:41 United States

Erik Chard completed a 30-Foot Backward Dash in 2.50 seconds.

Fastest Time To Run 100 Yards Backwards While Wearing Swim Fins

02:15 United States

Sean Sonic of radio station Channel 933ran 100 yards in a backwards facing direction while wearing swim fins in 28.00 seconds.

Highest Skee-Ball Score While Rolling Balls Backward Between Legs


Steve Welch earned 350 points in a singleSkee-Ballframe, rolling each ball through his legs while facing backwards. He set the record at the Brewskee-Ball National Championship at Full Circle Bar in Brooklyn, New York. [#Brewskee-BallNYC2011][]

Most Recitations Of The Alphabet Backwards While Standing On One Leg In One Minute

01:33 India

Sunil Kamath recited the alphabet backwards 13 times in one minute while standing on one leg.

Fewest Shots To Hit Nine Plastic Bottles From Backwards 50 Yards Away Using A Mirror

09:35 Canada

Doug McManaman fired 14 shots backwards using a mirror, hitting nine plastic bottles from 50 yards away.

Farthest Distance To Throw A Golf Ball Over The Shoulder Backwards Using A Teaspoon

03:14 United States

Scott J. used a teaspoon to throw a golf ball backwards over his shoulder. The ball traveled a distance of 69.58 feet (835 inches).

Fewest Backwards Shots To Hit Five Balloons From 65 Yards Away

07:57 Canada

Doug McManaman fired five shots backwards using a mirror, hitting five balloons from 65 yards away.

Fastest Time For A Person Dressed As A Superhero To Surf Down A Flight Of Stairs Backwards Through Three People's Legs

00:57 United States

Six-year-old Jaiden Pillai, dressed as Captain America, surfed backwards down a flight of stairs containing 14 steps in 2.55 seconds. During the attempt, he passed under the legs of three people.

Farthest Distance Hopped Backwards On One Foot While Carrying A 90-Kilogram Weight In Mouth

01:08 India

Montystar A. hopped backwards on one foot for 10 meters while carrying a 90-kilogram weight in his mouth.

Fastest Time To Run A Mile Backwards Juggling

12:07 United States

Joe Salter ran one mile backwards in seven minutes, 37.25 seconds while juggling.

Most Times Walking Backwards Across A Slackline

02:40 United States

Tai Star walked backwards across a slackline five times.

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