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Most Dinosaurs Drawn On An Arm Plaster


Thijs V. drew 48 dinosaurs on his arm plaster.

Fastest Time To Draw Three Houses On Sticky Notes

00:27 United States

Bre-Anne M. drew three houses on sticky notes in 11.08 seconds.

Most Bokeh Photographs Taken By A Single Photographer

United States

Mike Hedge took 807 Bokeh photographs. See all photos here.

Longest Painting

05:13 United States

Gurmej Singh created "The Transcendental," a 3444.91-meter (11,302 feet, 2.11 inches) long painting. He set the record to raise awareness about liberty, well-being, and the role of women in society. It took Singh 38 days to finish the whole masterpiece. The painting was displayed on the bank of the Grand Rapids River in Michigan, USA.

Most Trees Without Leaves Drawn In One Minute

02:41 United States

Viktor O. drew 35 trees without leaves in one minute.

Most Stick-Figure Cats Drawn In 25 Seconds

01:58 United States

Viktor O. eight stick-figure cats in 25 seconds.

Largest Painting Created By Mouth

41:53 India

Suvodeep Chatterjee created the 896 square feet, 35 feet by 25.6 feet, “Save The World”, a multi colored painting in acrylic paint, using only his mouth. Learn more about the feat here.

Fastest Time To Draw Five Screaming Faces

00:20 Canada

A member of the MacDonald House drew five screaming faces in 5.53 seconds.

Largest Leaning Tower Of Pisa Replica Made From Popsicle Sticks

04:25 India

Vivek K. constructed a replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa using 2,000 popsicle sticks. He used other materials including card boards, Fevicol, and chart papers to complete the construction. The tower measures 2.5 meters in height. It took Vivek six days to complete the entire replica.

Most Smiley Faces Drawn On A White Board In One Minute

01:52 United States

Rosalie L. drew 36 smiley faces on a white board in one minute.

Most Consecutive Mirror Carvings Created By An Individual

03:10 Malaysia

Sirajudeen Kamal Batcha created 109 consecutive mirror carvings in 58 days. He set the record as a project to carve the names of Allah and Kufi Khat as artworks. All carvings were completed by hand.

Youngest Savant Autistic Artist To Hold A Solo Art Exhibition

06:06 Malaysia

Delwin Cheah, a nine-year-old savant artist, held a solo exhibition in Penang, Malaysia featuring over 70 of his own original artworks. Delwin was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. He started to draw at the age of three and has a passion for drawing animals.

Most Stick Figures Drawn On One Page

01:17 United States

Spence K. drew 3,145 stick figures on one sheet of paper.

Most Paintings Of Churches, Temples And Shrines By A Single Artist

01:29 United States

Suzanne Kraus Mancuso painted 1,500 paintings of churches, temples and shrines.

Smallest Portrait

United States

Raymond W. painted a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi measuring 0.8 cm in height and 0.8 cm in width.

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