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Most Fortune Cookie Sayings Recited In Two Minutes Over A Live, Self-Generated Soundtrack

02:28 United States

Reggie Watts said 12 fortune cookie sayings in two minutes over a live, self-generated soundtrack. Watts created a live, looping multi-track vocal beat using only his mouth before he began the sayings. The record was set at a World Record Appreciation Society event held at Joe’s Pub in New York City. Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson were present as witnesses. [#WRAS12][]#celebpick

Most Hearts Drawn Inside Of Another Heart In One Minute

01:03 United States

Ella Sabella drew 19 hearts inside each other in one minute.

Most Trees Without Leaves Drawn In One Minute

02:41 United States

Viktor O. drew 35 trees without leaves in one minute.

Most Cats Drawn In One Minute

01:26 United States

Joe Bricker drew 15 cats in one minute. He drew a total of 16 cats but the last attempt did not fall inside the one minute mark.

Largest Heart Rainbow

United States

Paula and eight-year-old Kasey Garrett created a rainbow made of 342 heart-shaped paper cutouts. It took them an hour to finish their artwork.

Largest Candy Mosaic


M. Sanjeevan of ARJ Public School (CBSE) in Tamil Nadu, India created a candy mosaic measuring 108 square meters. He used a total of 3,627 kg of candies and completed the mosaic in 13 hours, 10 minutes with the concept of caring for animals.

Largest Seed Mosaic


Students and staff of the ARJ Polytechnic College in Mannargudi, India created a seed mosaic measuring 240 square meters. They used a total of 1,627 kg of seeds to create the piece. The mosaic was completed in two hours, 10 minutes and carries the message of power saving.

Most Sculptures Carved From Chalk

United States

Karthikeyan curved 76 sculptures from pieces of chalk.

Smallest Portrait

United States

Raymond W. painted a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi measuring 0.8 cm in height and 0.8 cm in width.

Fastest Time To Draw Five Screaming Faces

00:20 Canada

A member of the MacDonald House drew five screaming faces in 5.53 seconds.

Most Food Flowers In A Single Serving

United States

Emily Miethner was served a meal with three food flowers.

Most Stick-Figure Cats Drawn In 25 Seconds

01:58 United States

Viktor O. eight stick-figure cats in 25 seconds.

Most Stick Figures Drawn In Five Minutes

05:48 United States

Brandon Samuel drew 218 stick figuresin five minutes. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Most Chicken Faces Drawn In One Minute

01:00 United States

Rhiannon drew 41 chicken faces in one minute.

Tallest Ice Sculpture Built By One Person

04:33 Canada

Darryl Learie built an ice sculpture 21 feet and 6 inches (6.67 meters) in height. The measurement was taken from the ground level to the top of the sculpture.

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