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Longest "Pokemon Ruby And Sapphire" Play Time

00:30 United States

Ryan W. spent 1,925 hours playing Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

Most Pokemon Characters Named In 30 Seconds

00:41 United States

Dylan Moloney named 44 Pokemon characters in 30 seconds.

Most Hours Logged On "Pokemon White Version 2" (DS)

00:18 United States

Javon B. put 544 hours and 41 minutes into Pokemon White Version.

Most Points For A Jigglypuff Photo In "Pokemon Snap"

00:33 United States

Stephen Kessler scored 6,430 points by taking a single photo of Jigglypuff inPokemon Snapon theNintendo 64.

Fastest Completion Of Pokemon FireRed On Gameboy Advance

04:26 United States

Matthew F. completed Pokemon FireRed in two hours, one minute on his Gameboy Advance.

Most Hours Logged On "Pokemon SoulSilver Version" (DS)

00:24 Ireland

Joseph K. put 323 hours and 45 minutes into Pokemon SoulSilver.

Longest "Pokemon Sapphire" Play Time

United States

Tri Force spent 994 hours, 32 minutes playing Pokemon Sapphire.

Longest "Pokemon FireRed" Play Time

00:17 Ireland

Joseph K. spent 186 hours, 45 minutes playing Pokemon FireRed.

Most Hours Logged On "Pokemon Pearl Version" (DS)

00:24 United States

Kyle S. logged 789 hours and 42 minutes into Pokemon Pearl.

Most Hours Logged On "Pokemon Platinum Version" (DS)

00:17 Ireland

Joseph K. put 75 hours and 50 minutes into playing Pokemon Platinum.

Fastest Completion Of "Pokemon Emerald" (Game Boy Advance)

45:29 United States

Matthew F. completed Pokemon Emerald in two hours, 48 minutes, 13.00 seconds. Watch entire gameplay here.

Fastest Time To Beat "Pokemon Green" Using Glitches

04:57 United States

Matthew F. beat Pokemon Green using glitches in four minutes, 25.00 seconds.

Fastest Completion Of "Pokemon Crystal"

05:45 United States

Matthew F. completed Pokemon Crystal in three hours, 21 minutes.

Highest Block Smash Score In "Pokemon SoulSilver" (DS)

01:03 United States

Matthew F. earned a block smash score of 140 points in Pokemon SoulSilver.

Fastest Time To Beat "Pokemon Yellow Version" Using Glitches (Game Boy)

02:11 United States

Matthew F. beat Pokemon Yellow Version in one minute, 42.00 seconds using glitches.

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