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Most Michael Jackson Songs Named In 10 Seconds

00:21 United States

Dylan M. named 23 Michael Jackson songs in 10 seconds.

Tallest Tower Of Humans Wearing One Sock Each And Brushing Teeth While Listening To "Thriller"

00:34 United States

Seven attendees of iD Tech Camp - Villanova each put on one sock, brushed their teeth and climbed into a tower formation, all while listening to Thriller. [#iDTech][]

Most Times Smiling While Listening To "Beat It"

04:51 United States

Drew smiled 543 times while listening to Beat It.

Most Socks Put On A Left Foot While Listening To 'Beat It'

04:18 Australia

Nat, a radio DJ at Nova 93.7 in Perth, Australia, put 57 socks on her left foot while listening to ’Beat It’, a new world record. Nat performed the feat live on his Nathan and Nat with Shaun McManus[] radio show on June 27, 2009. Nick Daly was present as a witness. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Slowest Moonwalk Around A Can Of Sun Drop

00:40 United States

Simon Kirk took 17.00 seconds to moonwalk around a can of Sun Drop[]soda.

Most Graphic Designers Dancing To "Thriller"

03:10 United States

Seven graphic designers from Alfalfa Studio and MyORB hit the streets of Soho in New York City and danced to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Most Veggie Corndogs Consumed While Dancing The Zombie Voiceover Section Of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'

02:06 United States

Mamrie Hart consumed an entire veggie corndog while dancing the zombie voiceover section of Michael Jackson’s ’Thriller’. Mamrie set the record at a World Record Appreciation Society event held at Joe’s Pub in New York City. Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson were present as witnesses. #WRAS17

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