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Most Brainbench Certificates Received In Two Weeks

01:09 India

Abhishant Kumar received 75 Brainbench certificates in two weeks.

Most Different Nationalities High Fived In A Row

00:58 United States

Roman A. high fived 18 people of different nationalities.

Most International Certificates Received

00:53 India

Abhishant Kumar received 274 international certificates.

Most Brainbench International Certificates Received In One Month

01:48 India

Abhishant Kumar received 110 Brainbench international certificates in a a one-month period.

Most Native Languages Represented In A Group "Cheers!"

01:34 United States

David Ross and 13 of his students all said, “Cheers!” in their native languages after an English language class. The nationalities/phrases represented: USA -Cheers South Korea -Kombei Italian -Salute Spain -Salud Uruguay - Salud Pakistan -Salam Bulgaria -Nas Drave Afghanistan -Salam Ukraine -Bootmouv Peru -Salud Republic of Georgia -Kamachov Turkey -Sherefe Japan -Kampai Colombia -Salud tag:RecordSetterBook01

Longest Distance Travelled To Set A Record At A URDB Live Event

03:09 Australia

Matt Kelly and Dave Thompson travelled 13,300 kilometers (8260 miles) from Brisbane, Australia to set a record at URDB’sBreak Cancer party in Austin, Texas. The duo competed against each other before Thompson ultimately set a record for Fastest Time To Eat Three Tim-Tams While Crowd Surfing[]. Read more about their epic journeyhere.

Largest Collection Of International Radio Request Letters

04:16 India

Anil Tamrakar collected 538,378 radio request letters from different countries. Tamrakar is an avid radio fanatic who spent 10 hours a day listening to radio programs as a child. He begin building the collection of letters in 1980 and continues to build on it today. His collection includes letters from Vatican Radio, the official broadcasting service of the Vatican, Voice of America, a broadcast institution of the U.S. Federal government and Radio Veritas, a Catholic radio station based in the Philippines broadcasting to Asia.

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