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Longest Time Balancing Nine Boxes On Thumb

02:59 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced nine boxes on his thumb for two minutes, 00.06 second.

Longest Time Balancing A Yoga Ball On One Finger

00:58 United States

Tai Star balanced a yoga ball on his finger for 30.81 seconds.

Longest Time Balancing An 8-Foot Tall Ladder On Chin While Kneeling

01:51 United States

Brian Pankey balanced an 8’ ladder on his chin for one minute, 15.30 seconds while kneeling.

Longest Time To Balance Three Golf Clubs On Chin

04:20 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced three golf clubs on his chin for two minutes, 30.30 seconds.

Longest Time To Balance Two Clubs On Chin

01:55 United States

Brian Pankey balanced one juggling club on top of another and balanced both clubs on his chin for one minute, 27.45 seconds.

Longest Time Balancing A Sword On Thumb

02:39 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced a sword on his thumb for one minute, 24.12 seconds. WARNING: This record can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 and trained as a professional. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.

Longest Time Balancing A Wii Remote Case On Left Hand

05:32 United States

Andrew K. balanced a Wii remote case on his left hand for five minutes, 7.19 seconds.

Longest Time Balancing Seven Eggs On Top Of A Pole On Tongue

03:21 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced seven eggs on top of a pole on his tongue for 18.94 seconds.

Most Consecutive Golf Ball Bounces On The Head Of A Ball Peen Hammer

01:56 United States

Michael Lavery bounced a golf ball 230 consecutive times on the head of his ball peen Vaughn hammer.

Tallest Rubber Duck Tower

00:11 United States

David Colestacked five plastic ducks in a single tower. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Tallest Oreo Tower

01:00 Canada

Dexter the Intern built an Oreo tower 48 Oreos tall. He completed the feat live on-air in the K-Rock 105.5 studio. The final cookie wasn’t counted as the tower collapsed immediately afterward.

Longest Time To Balance A Bicycle On Forehead

03:01 United States

Brian Pankey balanced a 12-speed bicycle on his forehead for two minutes, 48.52 seconds.

Most Consecutive Under The Leg Table Tennis Ball Bounces Using Alternate Sides Of Paddle

01:01 United States

Mick Cullen bounced a table tennis ball under his leg 81 consecutive times using alternate sides of his paddle. He completed the entire feat while standing on one leg.

Tallest Connect Four Chip Tower Balanced On Palm Of Hand

02:05 United States

Kevin S. stacked 38 Connect Fourpieces in the palm of his hand at once.

Tallest Manga Tower

United States

Cassandra Godin built a 76-volume tower of [manga][1] books. [1]:

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